• Effortlessly capture receipts

  • Fully automated

  • Line items covered

  • Optimize your process

  • No setup required


  • High recognition rates

  • Automate receipts

  • Capture more receipts

  • Invoice receipt

  • Reduce workforce stress

High quality

  • NextG AI

  • Professional Operations

  • ISMS process

  • GDPR compliant

  • Supported integration

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Innovative AI for Document- and Invoice Capturing instead of OCR

Dokumentenklassifizierung: automatisch und sofort

The latest BLU DELTA AI generation (BLU DELTA Typhon Net) turns your pixels (photo, scan, PDF) into valuable invoice and document information

The new AI capture technology combines contextual information, semantics and visual structures and achieves outstanding document and invoice capturing results even without an initial training.

Instantly captures invoices

Process unknown invoice layouts without initial training and benefit from high automation.

Minimal fault tolerance

Latest AI is trained specifically for lowest fault tolerance in business documents.

Controlled Learning

Continued automated and quality-controlled learning based on new invoice and document samples.

Time & cost savings

Faster and more reliable capturing means real-time reports done with less effort.

Simple integration

Simple and flexible integration based on REST API, w/o web interface, cloud or on-premise.

Find out more about document- and invoice capturing?

Document and Invoice Capturing: Use Cases