For many years, Porsche Informatik has been developing and operating IT systems that support VW`s repair shops around the world in their day-to-day administrative activities. This includes, among other things, the processing of incoming invoices from business contacts and repair shops – in Germany alone there are seven VW service centers where invoices are processed.

An unimaginable number of documents in the seven-digit range accumulates, the manual processing of which takes an enormous amount of time. For this reason, Porsche Informatik decided in 2017 to integrate the BLU DELTA AI from Blumatix into the existing invoice workflow to support the accounting departments with automated invoicing. In addition to reducing the workload, the automated identification of business cases for further processing was also an important goal.


Enterprise Customer: Porsche Informatik – Volkswagen Retail Group

  • Line of Business: Automotive

  • 11 service centres in Germany (others in Austria, Poland)

  • Hundreds of businesses

  • High volume


  • Reducing the effort by approx. 1 minute per invoice

  • Business case identification

  • Internationalisation: DE, AT, PL

  • Processing times for incoming invoices reduced

  • Security: OnPremise solution

Seamless Integration of the AI into the Existing Invoice Workflow of Porsche Informatik

In just a few days, the existing software from Porsche Informatik was expanded to include the BLU DELTA AI, which now takes care of the analysis of invoices: In addition to the generally important information on each invoice, the AI for Porsche Informatik also reads data such as the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the license plate number. This enables an automated comparison with the master and transaction data in the Porsche software.

Data Security through On-premise Invoice Capturing

Nowadays, data security is an important issue that plays a crucial role, especially in the automotive industry. For this reason, Porsche Informatik opted for the on-premise solution from Blumatix, in which the BLU DELTA AI is not connected to external systems. This ensures that no sensitive information is transferred outside the Porsche Informatik systems. We were able to successfully complete the installation and integration of the automatic invoice recognition in just a few days using the REST API.

High Time Savings with Immense Invoice Volumes

Immediately after the integration of the AI recording system, a significantly reduced processing time per invoice was measured: on average, thanks to the integration of the BLU DELTA AI, around one minute is saved per invoice. What sounds very little at first becomes invaluable given the immense volume of invoices in the seven-figure range from VW in Germany alone.

Further Advantages: Identification of Business Cases and Scalability through the Use of AI on an International Level

Since the BLU-DELTA system was designed for international use right from the start, it was not a problem to integrate the AI into the invoice workflow in Germany as well as in Austria and Poland at the request of Porsche Informatik. It is also practical that the AI invoice recognition automatically identifies the respective business case number, so that the individual invoices are assigned and grouped in the system in a very uncomplicated manner and above all without human intervention.

Blumatix takes Care of the Continuous Improvement of the AI Invoice Workflow

An AI evolves and learns: Our team constantly trains and improves the artificial intelligence based on feedback from our customers. With no hidden additional costs, Porsche Informatik regularly benefits from improvements that Blumatix makes available via SDK download.

Use the Countless Advantages of the BLU DELTA AI for your Invoice Workflow

The example of the integration of the BLU DELTA AI into the Porsche Informatik system clearly shows how diverse the advantages of artificial intelligence in invoice processing can be. If you also want to support your bookkeeping with intelligent invoice recognition, get in touch! We would be happy to advise you and work with you to find out how you can make your invoice workflow more efficient by implementing a scalable, uncomplicated solution that will really save you time.

Does that sound interesting to you too? Then get in touch!