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Fully automated Invoice Receipt: Training instead of Typing

RIPEye captures the majority of your invoices fully automatically and without initial training. If RIPEye cannot automatically record the invoice, an assistance system (traffic light system) will point out an unclear situation. The manual correction is then automatically made available to the AI as a practice example. So the AI keeps getting better.

EMail, Scan or Other


In addition to the standard email and scan inputs, RIPEye also offers the option of uploading via a generic REST API. This means that every imaginable input channel can be used flexibly for invoices. From portal integration to ERP/DMS workflows, everything can be done quickly and easily.

Our Integration Options

Use Master Data easily

RIPEye supports the comparison with existing master data. For example, suppliers can be identified with 100% certainty and can be processed with your internal identifier in the subsequent process.


Convenient Invoice Receipt

RIPEye offers efficient and easy use for the demanding employee.

Labeling of the fields, traffic light system for recognition reliability, power user key operation, lasso function, full-text search (over all documents including scans) and much more.

With BLU DELTA Your Workflow flows effortlessly

After they have been captured, invoices are available for automated download for your follow-up system. This enables a seamless invoice workflow from receipt to your ERP or DMS system.

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