Out-of-the-box Invoice Capturing thanks to Shared Intelligence

  • BLU DELTA is based on a large archive of example documents, and gets more every day

  • The BLU DELTA team selects valuable and representative documents for the AI models from the received data.

  • Based on these new invoices, an improved AI model for invoice capturing is trained.

  • Benchmarks automatically check the quality of the new invoice capturing.

  • Shared Intelligence: BLU DELTA shares the new intelligence with all customers, everyone benefits!

  • The live service invoices are not saved.

No Effort: Enter ALL Invoice Details Immediately


The Artificial Intelligence was trained for more than 32 invoice features.

Unknown invoice layouts or receipts are recorded immediately and without any effort with high recognition rates (even without master data comparison).

Supported Invoice Details

Document Type

Invoice Recipient Name


Invoice Recipient VAT ID

Invoice Date

Invoice Recipient Address

Invoice Date

Tax Number (DE)

Order Number

Gross Total Amount

Order Date

Payment Terms

Job Number


Order Date

VAT Rate

Delivery Number

VAT Amount

Delivery Date

Net Amount

Customer Number

Line Item



Account Number + Sort Code

Item ID

Invoice Sender Name


Invoice Sender VAT ID

Order Number

Invoice Sender Address

Delivery Number


Cost Center

Delivery Timeframe

Invoice Capturing: Line Items

The BLU DELTA-AI invoice capturing also contains a model for the extraction of line item data or individual items.

For the entry of receipts with complex line structures, the model can also be optimized through customer-specific training with example documents.

Specific Invoice Details for Automated Invoice Processing

Special details are often required for efficient invoice capturing in order to be able to automate the following invoice processing (e.g. 3-way comparison, posting, etc.) (e.g. for assignment to an invoice recipient, a company code, to identify construction sites or motor vehicle damage, transport number, project number, etc.).

On the one hand, we have pre-trained, industry-specific details in our invoice capturing portfolio, that can also be helpful in your case. On the other hand, we can use the BLU DELTA AI technology to inexpensively train our own AI models for your special requirements in invoice capturing.

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Regular Improvements of Invoice Capturing without Effort

Based on sample invoices from our customers, our feedback process identifies valuable examples and feeds them into the training in a semi-automated manner. Through this controlled mechanism, the AI models of invoice capturing are continuously improved for all our customers. We then make the optimized AI models available to all customers regularly via our API or on-premise invoice capturing service.

We train and the customers benefit!

Flexible Components allow Invoice Capturing for every Industry and Size

When capturing invoices, there is a wide variety of use cases for a wide variety of industries, company sizes (from SMEs to large companies) and partners such as IT service providers, DMS/ECM workflow providers.

Thanks to the flexible BLU DELTA platform and component architecture, it is possible to use only the intelligent invoice capturing as a component or to cover the process up to a complete input management system (including input channels, web interface and integration into a target system). The BLU DELTA Cloud APIs allow quick and easy integration into any invoice processing workflow. A wide range of configuration options within the components also enable individual adjustments.

Invoice Capturing In-House, as a Cloud or Managed Service

This architecture enables the coverage of requirements such as scalability, fast availability and operational security for the needs of SMEs to large companies.

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BLU DELTA Invoice Capturing and Data Protection

When it comes to data security, there is a wide variety of aspects and goals. On the one hand, due to the GDPR, this topic has become more important for all companies in Europe. On the other hand, the legal framework (e.g. tax consultants, banks, etc.) differs in the various sectors. In addition, every company has individual requirements for the security of invoice data.

Accordingly, the BLU DELTA invoice capturing AI follows the principle: “Data Protection by Default”. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that no productive invoice data is stored for the simple use of the service. This means that the advantages of the BLU DELTA-AI invoice capturing can be used without storing receipt data.

  • The Azure Cloud Datacenter is ISO27001 certified and located in the EU.
  • An annual GDPR audit and an external data protection officer ensure GDPR compliance.
  • If, in your case, the data must not leave your data center, the AI invoice capturing as BLU DELTA AI system can also be operated in-house.

Do you have further questions regarding data security? Feel free to contact us and benefit from our know-how!

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AI Invoice Capturing: Supported Languages / Regions

In the EU, but also worldwide, the high level of diversity between the countries is unique. The BLU DELTA-AI invoice capturing is specially designed for this diversity. With the BLU DELTA-AI, you no longer need to worry about country-specific differences in invoice formats or invoice features (e.g. Swiss QR code, KID number in Norway, etc.).

In the case of acquisitions and/or a geographical expansion of your business area, this point of invoice capturing is already taken care of for you.

In concrete terms, this means that the BLU DELTA AI supports the most important languages and regions out-of-the-box – but also that it can be quickly and easily expanded to include additional languages or regions.