The construction industry is no longer a digital construction site. Software providers in the construction area are also increasingly relying on digital helpers such as AI for invoice processing. The construction industry in Germany and Austria ticks differently than other sectors when it comes to billing. Corrections to invoices at item level are common in the event of discrepancies. Therefore, the automated acquisition of position data plays a special role here.

Bau digital

ERP-Partner: BDS

  • Line of Business: ERP Construction Industry

  • SME customer

  • High supplier variety


  • Automated capturing of line items

  • Plug & Play: Immediate activation of new SME customers

  • Effortless integration into the existing ERP interface

  • Professional support (unlike original OCR suppliers)

Digitization and AI enable line item automation

Together with our partner BDS, we have created a digital solution with our BLU DELTA AI, which was specifically trained with digital construction invoices and thus, greatly simplifies the recording of all BDS customers and construction companies.

Construction: The digital challenge for invoices

In addition to corrections, the special terms and units for products and services are a particular challenge within digital construction data. In comparison to other industries such as trade, understanding a construction invoice is much more difficult. There are few clear article numbers and descriptions of products and services. Traditional systems with templates quickly reach their limits here.


BDS - an innovative ERP provider for the construction industry – follows a different solution approach. The simple possibility of seamless integration into a 3rd pary software (like BDS ERP) as well as the high quality of the recognition of header and line item data with the BLU DELTA construction model prompted our partner to replace the solution of an incumbent. Since then, all BDS customers have benefited from massive effort relief when processing their incoming invoices, including data entry at item level.

With the BLU DELTA Cloud, the customer no longer has to manage the old on-premises solution from the previous provider.

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