Scrum at AI for document and invoice capture

7. March 2022

Scrum is one of the agile management methods and is used in industries in which complex problems are solved. This also includes the development of AI models for document capture and invoice recognition. Scrum was developed to support project teams in the development between unpredictability and the need for an effective outcome.

Scrum consists of five events:

  1. The sprint, which can last from one to four weeks depending on the company and team.
  2. The sprint plannnig, in which the tasks for the current sprint are defined.
  3. The daily scrum, in which the planning for the current day takes place.
  4. The sprint review, in which the developed product increment is presented and discussed at the end of the sprint and 
  5. The Sprint Retrospective, in which the work process and possible improvements to the collaboration are discussed.

Scrum is shaped by its values: openness, respect, courage, focus and self-commitment, which must be seen as the basis for a functioning Scrum process so that priorities can be set correctly and good decisions can be made.

What advantages does scrum offer?

By using Scrum, the product is evaluated in short development cycles. Feedback from the customer can thus quickly flow into the development and undesirable developments can be prevented.

Small team sizes with up to nine people guarantee that they are flexible and at the same time productive enough to be able to carry out the tasks in a sprint. It is important that the development team can work independently and assume responsibility.

Why do we use Scrum?

The development and optimization of an artificial intelligence for automated invoice processing is predestined for the use of Scrum. Learning new languages, layouts and information to be extracted requires a continuous development process. In the process, undesirable developments cannot be ruled out, and thanks to Scrum, it is possible to react quickly to them.

At the same time, automated invoice processing is to be further optimized for our customers. Regular customer feedback is very important for us in order to improve our AI in the right places through training or the use of new AI methods, and to increase the proportion of documents that can be automatically recorded in accounting.

Of course, there are also many challenges on the technical side that can be solved better thanks to Scrum. Due to the rapidly increasing number of invoices that are automatically processed by our Blu Delta Service, the systems have to be maintained and expanded accordingly. The use of a wide variety of technologies, from the current AI models to cloud computing and big data, also requires regular coordination within the team. Here, too, it is a great advantage if the planning for this work and its evaluation happen at short intervals.

In conclusion, it can be said that Scrum creates the ideal conditions for developing an artificial intelligence like our Blu Delta Service and optimizing it for the current challenges of our customers.

BLU DELTA is a product for the automated capture of financial documents. Partners, but also our customers’ finance departments, accounts payable clerks and tax consultants can use BLU DELTA to immediately relieve their employees of the time-consuming and mostly manual entry of documents by using BLU DELTA AI and Cloud.

Blumatix Intelligence GmbH keeps it as its goal to make the strenuous everyday work easier with artificial intelligence and to always draw added value for everyone from shared intelligence.

Autor: Klemens Kurtz is an economist and data scientist and has been working at Blumatix since November 2021 as a project manager and certified Scrum Master in the areas of Blu Delta Capture Service, Blu Delta Workflow Solution and Data Management./span>