What’s New in V1.18.72

  • #15879 Added tour number for transport and logistics industry
  • #13684 Fix Normalization of Scores

What’s New in V1.18.71

  • #17071: Improved VatId and introduced general TaxId

What’s New in V1.18.70

  • #17031: Introduced new document process workflow (MVP)
  • #17222: Change in Typhon segmentation improving all models
  •  #16900: General performance and load improvement

What’s New in V1.18.69

  • #15777: Fix English date extraction
  • #16229, 16244: Generalize base data mapping plugin for sender, receiver (incl. custom impl.)
  • #16675: Custom Model improvements
  • #17127: Fix Custom Plugin

What’s New in V1.18.68

  • #17127: Custom Plugin

What’s New in V1.18.67

  • #17066: New Typhon Models released

What’s New in V1.18.66

  • #17158: Maintenance: Pod logging volume increased

What’s New in V1.18.65

  • #16107: Base model for new Vat- and Tax Id released

What’s New in V1.18.64

  • #16898: New Line Item Typhon model released

What’s New in V1.18.63

  • #17068: Maintenance – Fix Metrics server alerts
  • #16556: Improved VAT Group Models
  • #17023: Custom Improvement

What’s New in V1.18.62

  • #16682: Import supports Chinese documents


What’s New in V1.18.61

  • #16696: New baseline and update of all Typhon models

What’s New in V1.18.60

  • #12540: Bar codes added
  • Maintenance and Custom release

What’s New in V1.18.59

  • #16872: Enable DeepLearning OCR for Chinese

What’s New in V1.18.58

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.57

  • #16749: Fix broken link on online doc meta page
  • #16673: Enable quotation document endpoint
  • #16658: Support for Hongkong Dollar
  • #16547 Fix: A Bug of the Date Datatype can lead to empty predictions (by global Exceptionhandler)

What’s New in V1.18.56

  • #16684 Fix: Update OrderConfirmation endpoint

What’s New in V1.18.55

  • #16363 As Customer I need a Reduced Network Traffic and CPU Usage in Typhon Services

What’s New in V1.18.54

  • #16467: Enable endpoint for OrderConfirmation docs

What’s New in V1.18.53

  • #16598 Fix: Node Problem with Triton

What’s New in V1.18.52

  • #16001: Added TaxId for Korean documents
  • #15973: Enabled workflow for Korean documents
  • #14713 Fix:  Empty API Response (HttpStatus 200 in case of Unhandled Exception) is broken

What’s New in V1.18.51

  • #15333 Fix: Improve trigger for pdf to image conversion for problematic pdfs

What’s New in V1.18.50

  • #14878: Basic enablement of Asian documents


What’s New in V1.18.49

  • #15954 Fix: Swagger API definition inconsistent for QR code

What’s New in V1.18.48

  • #11752 Fix: There can not be 2 sender vat ids
  • #15787 Fix: Whitelist Search can ignore unused columns
  • Recognition Improvements, Maintenance, Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.47

  • Maintenance: New Kubernetes version

What’s New in V1.18.46

  • Maintenance, Release Custom components

What’s New in V1.18.45

  • Maintenance

What’s New in V1.18.44

  • #15453: ElasticImporter inserts docs already inserted

What’s New in V1.18.43

  • Recognition Improvements, Maintenance, Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.42

  • Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.41

  • Maintenance

What’s New in V1.18.40

  • Recognition Improvements, Maintenance, Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.39

  • #15250 Logistics doc classification added

What’s New in V1.18.38

  • Maintenance

What’s New in V1.18.37

  • #15456 Fix: Config.ForceReturnBestMatches is not effective
  • Maintenance, Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.36

  • Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.35

  • #15285 IT UID check improved
  • Recognition Improvements, Maintenance, Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.34

  • #14865 OrderId vs. Belgian VatId
  • Maintenance, Custom Release


What’s New in V1.18.33

  • Maintenance, Custom Release

What’s New in V1.18.32

  • #15104 Improved VAT Group Typhon model

What’s New in V1.18.31

  • Maintenance Release, Custom Plugins

What’s New in V1.18.30

  • Maintenance Release, Custom Plugins

What’s New in V1.18.29

  • #15038 HAWB logistics id improved
  • #15044 Improved InvoiceCurrency mapping to GTA
  • #14028 OnPremise Crash under high load fixed
  • #15020 Deployed industry logistics model for classyfier

What’s New in V1.18.28

  • #14946 Improved Asian currency detection
  • #15044 Improved InvoiceCurrency mapping to GTA
  • #14028 Deployed new VAT Group model on Typhon
  • #15020 Introduced HAWB logistics id
  • #14009 Introduced ElasticSearch for access to uploaded context data
  • #15002 Fixed SwissQR activation for edge case

What’s New in V1.18.27

  • #14303 Introduced custom thresholds to enable custom confidence

What’s New in V1.18.26

  • #14287 Introduced custom request hints

What’s New in V1.18.25

  • #13199 Custom whitelist plugin

What’s New in V1.18.24

  • Maintenance, Custom Plugin

What’s New in V1.18.23

  • #15002 Fixed SwissQR activation for edge case

What’s New in V1.18.22

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.21

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.20

  • #13524 Enabled Learn API release


What’s New in V1.18.19

  • #13941 Configurable Strategy: ForceReturnBestMatch=true
    On request level it is possible to force the AI to always return a value (even when the AI assumes that it is wrong) . In next version a threshold field will be returned to indicate score limit (if value is reliable).
  • #14143 api response includes detected “Text” for every detail (while Value is normalized)
  • #12541 whitelist search plugin created
    Allows the creation of whitelisted custom fields in minutes. E.g. used to find company’s document approver  

What’s New in V1.18.18

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.17

  • #10875 Basic support for region Columbia added


What’s New in V1.18.16

  • #13886 Improved line item model

What’s New in V1.18.15

  • BUG 13684: Normalization of scores in header details corrected

What’s New in V1.18.12 – V1.18.14

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.11

  • US12881: Support for Slovenia and Slovenian
  • TS11501: Exchanged pdf handling library
  • TS13086: Improved version control for Triton model deployments
  • BUG12590: OCR Worker crashes in specific case

What’s New in V1.18.10

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.9

  • US10876: Support for Denmark and Danish
  • US12433: Generic support for QR values (and specific PT Codigo added)

What’s New in V1.18.8

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.7

  • Maintenance Release

What’s New in V1.18.6

  • US12080: Enabled New BLU DELTA Typhon AI for improved learning of InvoiceID, InvoiceDate and GrandTotalAmount
  • US11923: Enabled New BLU DELTA Typhon AI for improved learning and 11 standard details per line

What’s New in V1.18.5

  • BUG12073: Optimization of processing of documents with high number of pages
  • BUG12852: Update ssl certificate
  • BUG12011: Improved model for detection of Argentinian vs other currencies (first step)
  • BUG12725: High resolution images with many pages now processable
  • BUG12934: Unit price in line item table is returned as explicit decimal type
  • BUG13021: Certain TIFF format returns http error 400

What’s New in V1.18.4

  • Maintenance Release Preparation for New BLU DELTA Typhon for header details

What’s New in V1.18.3

  • US#12340 Custom optimization of invoices with many pages

Bug fixes

  • BUG#12601 Fixed pdf format issue for Schenker invoices

What’s New in V1.18.2

  • US#12074 On Premise Support for NVIDIA Triton Inference Server

What’s New in V1.18.1

  • US#10873 Region Brazil added

What’s New in V1.18

  • US#8004 New invoice detail: Delivery Period
  • US#10859 New invoice detail: Cost Center
  • US#11312 New invoice detail: Vat Exemption
  • US#11276 Line Items 2.0 based on BLU DELTA Typhon (Beta)
  • US#10874 Region Argentina added


  • ISSUE#11177 Region Czech has been improved

Bug fixes

  • BUG#10870 Line Items include Header data
  • BUG#10507, #9635 Result Pdf significantly larger than original document
  • BUG#11176 Error in PdfBuilder configuration
  • BUG#11176 Markers in Result Pdf are now lighter

Support Issues

  • ISSUE#8646, #9345, #9863, #10482 Very Large Result Pdf
  • ISSUE#10862 Header data same as line items data


What’s New in V1.17


  • US#10118 More Pdf formats can be handled
  • US#10174 Invoice Detail DocumentType has been improved

Bug fixes

  • ISSUE#10667 Email is missing in new Sender Contact
  • BUG#10246 “None” text returned as part of Contact address

Support Issues

  • ISSUE#10118 Pdfs rejected because of unknown format
  • ISSUE#10174 Wrong Document Type for Adobe, Real, and Metro invoices
  • ISSUE#10249 Kassenkennzeichen should be recognized as InvoiceId indicator
  • ISSUE#10667 Email is missing in new Sender Contact

What’s New in V1.16

  • US#9677 As API Customer I want to get all addresses of any document
  • US#8866 Language Swedish and Region Sweden added
  • US#9373 Provide Sender Vat Ids for the service


  • US#7641 / US#9639 / ISSUE#9657 / ISSUE#9951 Invoice Detail DocumentType has been improved
  • BUG#10158 Vat Id detection has been improved

Bug fixes

  • BUG#10158 Vat Ids from Australia and / or New Zealand found for Austrian invoice
  • BUG#10017 Quantity, UnitPrice and TotalAmount of Line Items not normalized

Support Issues

  • ISSUE#10042 VatGroups are not complete for German Metro invoices
  • ISSUE#9642 Line Item not correctly marked in result pdf
  • ISSUE#9646 Opaque markings in result Pdf
  • ISSUE#9670 Sender is not found for South African Schenker invoices
  • ISSUE#9831 Invoice Date of Google invoices is not correct
  • ISSUE#10154 Bank Account is interpreted as Vat Id

What’s New in V1.15.1

  • US#9741 For German documents, all contacts found are returned. The contact prediction quality for german documents also improved.

What’s New in V1.15

  • US#8865 Language Portuguese and Region Portugal added
  • US#9634 New invoice detail: Company Registration number (for czech)
  • US#9676 New invoice detail: All Contacts


  • US#8691 Language Polish and region Poland improved
  • US#9734 All found invoice details are returned for document type “Other”
  • US#8899 Improvement of Contacts

Issues / Bugs fixes

  • ISSUE#9367 Czech ICO number needed
  • ISSUE#9372 OCR splits up one word into two
  • ISSUE#9374 Deficient pfd format fails to return predictions
  • ISSUE#9644 Fix a situation where a Due Date was predicted instead of the Invoice Date
  • ISSUE#9726 Fix Amazon Business invoices
  • ISSUE#9737 Fix Deutsche Telekom invoices
  • BUG#9600 Fix Facebook invoices
  • ISSUE#9758 Fix BLU DELTA Service Crashes due to extremely large images in PDFs
  • ISSUE#7709 Same Tax number highlighted several times in Result Pdf
  • ISSUE#9501 Invoice Id improved
  • BUG#9115 Amounts followed by special characters where not found

What’s New in V1.14

  • US#8857 Language Norwegian and Region Norway added
  • US#8858 Language Slovakian and Region Slovakia added
  • US#8859 Language Croatian and Region Croatia added
  • US#8860 Language Turkish and Region Turkey added
  • US#8492 Region United Arab Emirates added
  • US#7846 New invoice detail: KID Number
  • #9289 Temporarily reduced Vat Rates in Norway
  • US#8493 Region South Africa added
  • US#7847 Use of Swiss QR Code


  • US#8630 Vat Id classification Sender/Receiver improved
  • US#8690 Region Czechia improved
  • US#8851/8855 Line Items improved

Issues / Bugs fixes

  • Bug#7710 BIC was often wrong
  • ISSUE#8954 Fixed OCR problems which could happen in specific situations (OnPremise)
  • ISSUE#8944 Document Type is not correct
  • ISSUE#8959 Invoice Id is not correct


What’s New in V1.13

  • Changed IsrNumberto IsrReference
  • US#8002 New invoice detail Payment conditions: Due Date and Discount
  • US#8683 New invoice detail: Isr Subscriber
  • US#8419 Full text can be requested
  • US#8494 Language Dutch and Region Netherlands added
  • US#8366 Region France added
  • US#8367 Region Mexico added
  • US#8368 Region Spain added
  • US#8493 Region South Africa added
  • US#8495 Region Italy added

Issues / Bugs fixes

  • ISSUE#8788 Missing Result Pdf fixed
  • ISSUE#8697 Corrupt Pdf format fixed
  • ISSUE#8698 Problems with Bank Group in UK fixed
  • ISSUE#8552 Invoice Id fixed

What’s New in V1.12

  • Changed DetectInvoiceRequest.FilterDetectionResponse.Typeand DetectionGroupResponse.Typefrom Int32 to Int64 to support more invoice details
  • US#8310 Language Czech and Region Czechia added
  • US#8220 Languages Italien and French and Region Switzerland added
  • US#8281 Region United Kingdom added
  • US#8168 Region New Zealand added
  • US#8167 Region Australia added
  • US#7842 New invoice detail: Bank Information
  • US#7845 New invoice detail: Swiss ISR Reference


  • US#8167 Language English has been improved
  • 8576 Multiple Receiver Order Ids and Delivery Note Ids predicted, independent from line items
  • US#8356 Vat Ids for Poland have been improved

Issues / Bugs fixes

  • ISSUE#8567 Timeout for invoice fixed
  • ISSUE#8389 Limit of Line Items removed
  • ISSUE#8438 Fix multiple Vat Groups

What’s New in V1.11

  • US#7874 Temporarily reduced Vat Rates in Germany and Austria implemented

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • ISSUE#7600: Unit price in line items is not of datatype Amount
  • ISSUE#8039: Invoice Id cut off
  • BUG#7259: Incorrect Bounding Box for Sender name
  • BUG#7819: OnPremise: Timeout with pings
  • BUG#7967: Currency missing
  • BUG#8137: Wrong Sender Order Id on Spanish invoice
  • BUG#8163: Typename missing for Document Type “Other”
  • BUG#8170: OnPremise: Setup failed with new VC++ runtime already installed
  • BUG#8215: Error in Result-Pdf creation with mixed mode pdfs
  • BUG#8229: Some image-based Result-Pdfs do not render the OCRWord-Layer

What’s New in V1.10.1

  • US#7455: “Glow effect” in Result-Pdf file can be switched on/off in configuration (default: off)
  • Default for number of processed pages has been increased from 5 to 10


  • ISSUE#7640: Invoice Format detection (letter or receipt) has been improved
  • ISSUE#7765: Document Type for Polish Invoices improved

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7819: In some special situation the service “ping” ran into timeout
  • BUG#7876: Fixed a 3rd party memory leak by using a new version of the ML.Net library

What’s New in V1.10

  • US#7444: Language Polish and region Poland added
  • US#7627: Due Date – beta / custom invoice detail


  • Recognition rate improved for: Invoice Date, Delivery Date, Grand Total Amount, Vat Groups
  • Number of processed pages increased to ten
  • Checksum validation has been added to Spanish Vat Ids
  • US#7460: Logging has been improved
  • ISSUE#7661: additional format of German Vat Id
  • ISSUE#7613: Line items improved

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • ISSUE#7484: Sender Order Ids in Line items classified as Spanish Vat Ids
  • BUG#7466: Document Type “Other” not handled correctly
  • ISSUE#4832: Memory Leak in Pdf creation
  • BUG#7619: Contact recognition fails for unknown language
  • ISSUE#7667: Wrong prediction for Delivery Note Id
  • BUG#7727: Exception while pdf creation
  • ISSUE#7622: Error in Line Items

What’s New in V1.9.4

  • US#7425: New value “Other” has been added to invoice detail “Document Type”
  • US#7425: Document Format information has been added to invoice
  • US#7423: Performance has been improved significantly
  • US#7460: Logging has been improved

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7437: Vat rate format exception
  • BUG#7454: False Positives reduced
  • BUG#7464,7456: Line items model returned internal error

What’s New in V1.9

  • US#7339,7341,7344,7358: Invoice details for Spanish Invoices
  • US#7162: Embed OCR textfor scanned invoices in the result pdf
  • US#7163:Deskew pages in scanned invoices in the result pdf
  • US#7266:Draw bounding boxes for all new invoice details in the result pdf

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7422: Ensure that there is always only 1 LineItem-Bookmark in the ResultPdf
  • BUG#7400: Pages with minimal text might crash the service
  • BUG#7405: DeliveryNoteIds and ReceiverOrderIds within LineItems
  • BUG#7414: Unit Price inLine Items incorrectly formatted


  • NetTotalAmount – use VatGroups instead
  • VatTotalAmount – use VatGroups instead


What’s New in V1.8

  • US#7032: Improved prediction of English invoices
  • US#7052: Introduced separation of sender and receiver UID
  • US#7164: Enable hover effect in results pdf
  • US#7228: Added new detail receiver name, address and improved sender recognitions
  • US#7262: Added new detail German Steuernummer
  • US#7307: Added new detail BIC
  • US#7237: General improvement of AI models for existing details
  • BUG#6752: Net amount and VAT amount are equal in certain cases
  • BUG#7030: Prediction Groups (VAT-Groups) are not marked in the Result-PDF currently
  • ISSUE#7289: Result PDF shows results with just one color instead of 2
  • ISSUE#7314: Sender name missing

What’s New in V1.7.2

  • ISSUE#7310: all components build as x64
  • ISSUE#7312: Performance issues: PdfSharp library removed
  • ISSUE#7347: Logging improved

What’s New in V1.7.1

  • BUG#7252: OCR Worker crashes fixed
  • ISSUE#7275: Proxy Server not used – fixed
  • BUG#7279: Version Property removed

What’s New in V1.7

  • US#7107: Email has been added to Sender Contact
  • US#6962: Quantity has been added to Line Item
  • US#7240: Enable to add prefix to the standard REST-route


  • US#7180: Improved recognition rate for Invoice Id
  • US#7181: Improved recognition rate for Invoice Date
  • US#7088: Improved recognition rate for Line Items

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7211: Certain Pdf Invoices caused error during interpretation due to encoding error
  • BUG#7238: Authentication Error is not returned for empty APIKEY

What’s New in V1.6.1

  • US#7096: Get additional information for Uids: Sender or Receiver
  • US#7186: Provide session id

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7157: VatGroups with empty net amount or vat amount did not include Value property.
  • BUG#7149: Bounding Box was missing for Sender name.
  • BUG#7150: Sender name was always returned, independent from user settings.

What’s New in V1.6

  • US#7037: The recognition rate of Vat Groups has been improved.
  • US#7047: The recognition rate of Sender has been improved, but it is still BETA.

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7101: Setup failed due to spaces in python bin path.
  • BUG#7100: Http request over proxy did not work.
  • BUG#7038: OCR crashed in high load situations.

New invoice detail Sender is currently in BETA state

What’s New in V1.5

  • US#6976: The delivery slip number is now extracted from invoices. If there are more than one, all of them will be returned, except they are part of the line items.
  • US#6983: The OCR text result is returned in the BLU DELTA API response. The structure contains the text and additional properties like position, size, bold, etc.
  • US#7029: The BLU DELTA API returns a Http 500 error only in cases with system impact. In other cases an empty prediction is returned.
  • US#7040: It is possible to distinguish different (sub-)customers who are using the same API key, by using an additional SubKey. The new SubKey can be provided additionally to the API Key in the Http header.

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • BUG#7030: Prediction Groups are not marked in the Result Pdf
  • ISSUE#7054: Labes on result Pdf on wrong location

New invoice detail Sender is currently in BETA state

What’s New in V1.4

  • Support for Custom Models
  • Support for Custom Smart Rules

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • US#7016: In the result Pdf all invoice details are marked – not only the requested ones.
  • US#7017: OCR is unable to process certain pdf formats.
  • US#7021: A Pdf document with an unusual image size (e.g. very tall and narrow) can not be processed by the OCR.
  • If a document can not be processed, a http 400 File Format error will be returned instead of a http 500 error.

What’s New in V1.3.x

  • New invoice details (full list):
    InvoiceId, InvoiceDate, GrandTotalAmount, DocumentType, Ibans, UIDs, Currency, ReceiverOrderId, ReceiverOrderDate, SenderOrderId, SenderOrderDate, DeliveryDate, CustomerId, VatGroup (VatRate, VatAmount, NetAmount)
  • Result PDF creation. The API creates a PDF that is enabled for highlighting extracted document details.
  • Extended logging capabilities
  • The performance of invoice analysation and feature creation was improved.
  • Changes: The former parameter flags was renamed to filter. It is now optional. In case it’s missing all invoice details for the current user will be returned.

Bug/Issue Fixes

  • #6992: Http 500 error in case empty invoice was delivered to API. Now returns valid result but with empty predictions.
  • #6997: Different prediction results between Online and Onsite API. Now returns toally equal results.
  • #6999: Http 500 error in case no invoice currency could be found. Now returns valid result but with empty currency prediction.
  • #7002: Processing time of very large invoices with big number of pages
  • #6868: OCR fails on certain pdfs