DMS-/ERP-service providers benefit from BLU DELTA AI

9. March 2021

Satisfied, we got into our car a few months ago and started the return trip to Salzburg. It had been a long day with an intensive exchange at an ERP manufacturer. The managing director of the ERP system had decided to test the BLU DELTA AI with some customers. If the system was well received in terms of quality, he would consider leaving the long-term supplier and marketing our system more intensively.

BLU DELTA Partner Puzzle

12 months later …

Today, we have a partner contract with the ERP manufacturer. Almost half of the partner’s customers have already switched to BLU DELTA and are productive. Simplicity, transparency of quality and immediate availability were decisive factors – but how does that help the partner in sales?

What made this success possible?

Automation of incoming invoices often decisive for the acquisition of new customers

Many long-term customer relationships in the DMS sector have their origin in the digitalisation of the ER process. Due to customer requirements for cost reduction, figure transparency and processing times – after all, the customer wants to get something for his investment – as an ERP and/or DMS/ECM provider and service provider, you will sooner or later be confronted with the issue of automating incoming invoices and bookings.

Driven by new technologies, many customers are looking for more efficient ways in the ER process to cut costs and also reduce cycle times.

As far as ERP, DMS/ECM providers and service providers are concerned, the digitalisation market has become much more concentrated due to the hype of the last few years and many providers are lying in wait for their chance to outdo a competitor. Sales teams of service providers, ECM and DMS providers are competing for customers without being able to present a convincing unique selling proposition for their product. In addition, existing customers must be retained through innovations. BLU DELTA AI can help with this challenge and deliver the necessary innovation as well as the convincing unique selling proposition.

More leads through BLU DELTA AI – how come?

The BLU DELTA Invoice Capture Service has a different approach to the market. BLU DELTA offers its customers fast, simple and transparent automated receipt capturing. But what does that mean for our partners in concrete terms? The BLU DELTA AI can interpret images of invoices without any pre-configuration or special settings.

One half considers a change of DMS provider after BLU DELTA demo

Our partners perform live demos directly on their website or at their customers’ premises, which immediately interpret the customer’s own invoices and thus impress the customers! Half of the potential customers then consider changing their DMS provider if they can use the advantages of BLU DELTA in return.

As a partner, you can use BLU DELTA as a white label service, which is therefore completely non-transparent for your customers. The BLU DELTA engine is integrated into the partner’s existing ER, AR or expense workflows within a few hours (or 1-2 days maximum) and is thus immediately available to the partner’s sales team as a demo. The provision for demo use is free of charge. In addition to the good impression gained by the customer with a live demo, the trust gained plays a decisive role. Uncertainty is often high due to bad experiences. This uncertainty can be dispelled for the customer in the first meeting.

And what happens after the sale?

During the project, the partner can fully concentrate on optimising the ER/AR or expense workflows. The BLU DELTA AI delivers immediate added value from day one with high detection rates. BLU DELTA is continuously improving; a support team takes care of all detection problems at short notice and the cloud ensures state-of-the-art security concepts.

BLU DELTA and external partners – the best of both worlds

BLU DELTA focuses on the automated reading of data from image-based documents. Since 2016, many person-years have gone into the development of BLU DELTA based on artificial intelligence (AI). For an efficient design of digital processes with flexible workflows, with archiving and with various connection options to downstream systems, there are very good products on the market from our partners as well as other DMS, ECM and platform providers. Developing data extraction in-house usually makes no sense for these providers due to time2market and from a cost perspective.

With the BLU DELTA Cloud AI Engine, basically any DMS, ECM or similar digital system can be extended with AI for document capture within a few days. The customer thus gets the best of both worlds in a very manageable time frame!

Advantages for partners and customers

Partners can thereby convince their customers within a few days with one of the highest quality automated receipt capturing solution on the DACH market and customers benefit from transparent quality without major project effort.

The partner focuses on his core business – the digitalisation of business processes – and leaves the complex niche of data extraction to the specialists.

Find even more advantages of Artificial Intelligence in invoice capturing.

BLU DELTA is a product for the automated capture of financial documents. Partners, but also our customers’ finance departments, accounts payable clerks and tax consultants can use BLU DELTA to immediately relieve their employees of the time-consuming and mostly manual entry of documents by using BLU DELTA AI and Cloud.

Blumatix Intelligence GmbH keeps it as its goal to make the strenuous everyday work easier with artificial intelligence and to always draw added value for everyone from shared intelligence.

Christian Weiler

Author: Christian Weiler is a former General Manager of a global IT company based in Seattle/US. Since 2016, Christian Weiler has been increasingly active in various roles in the field of artificial intelligence and has strengthened the management team of Blumatix Intelligence GmbH since 2018.